MOODS was founded in the year 2015, founded by a young vibrant team of passionate product enthusiast. The hybrid composition of our team lies among furniture specialist & interior designers which is a balance mixture of experience & impeccable design sense.

Recognisable features of premium standards and expectations are what we stand strong believing. The key to our identity is how we focus on our customers mood and concept and craft a whole new dimension for their new spaces, be it in the residential or commercial sectors.


At MOODS, we believe that looking into the details could point out the difference between a house from a Home. The friendly approach from our showroom conceptual artist, would adapt to your mood and concepts to alter your design into wonders. Our ultimate goal is to ease the burden of our industry partners with our self-owned manufacturing facility in Malaysia, which entitles us to have manufacturing flexibility and short lead time to provide to our partners.


In Passion & Dedication we believe, thank you for your support!

Our Team

Project Director

Tony Lim


Operations Director

Danny Chin

Interior Designer / Conceptual Artist

Jazz Wong

Wei Ming

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